Sawla View Farm
March 7

As the preeminent lodge in region, we want to ensure that our guests are equally delighted at the table. To guarantee quality and freshness, most or our ingredients are grown just beyond the gates of the Sawla View Lodge.

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Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary
February 22

The Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary is a unique community-based project, protecting and preserving the wildlife and the environment of a 40 km stretch of the Black Volta River in Ghana’s Upper West Region.  The river is home to one of the two remaining hippopotamus populations in Ghana, and was created into a Sanctuary by local chiefs in 1999.  Since then, the project has had marked success in providing Ghanian and International tourists with a unique and unusual eco-travel experience.

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Mole National Park
January 10

Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge. The park’s entrance is reached through the nearby town of Larabanga, about a hour drive on the new road from Sawla View Lodge. The Lovi and Mole Rivers are ephemeral rivers flowing through the park, leaving behind only drinking holes during the long dry season which attracts a variety of wildlife.

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New Monkeys!
December 22

Sawla View Lodge introduced a small family of monkeys to the property. They are really friendly and add some amazing life to the facility.

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Sawla View Reception
November 6

From the moment you arrive, Sawla View Lodge management and staff aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Our reception area is designed to welcome you with a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a cold beverage as we porter your luggage to you room.

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Sawla Children's Home
November 5

Since 2007, Sawla Children’s Home in northern Ghana has cared for over 50 orphans, providing for their basic needs and more. Now fed and healthy, these children are rising to the top of their classes in school and are showing great promise for the future. Each child is now loved and part of an amazing family that is impacting the surrounding villages and communities.

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