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Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary

February 22

The Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary is a place where you can experience wildlife in a totally peaceful, unspoiled environment…with knowledgeable local guides and a schedule and speed tailored to each visitor.  Want to get up early to see the more than 250 species of birds come to life at sunrise?  Great!  An early morning trip up the river in a canoe to see hippos wallowing at your eye level?  Wechiau’s specialty!

​Wechiau's hippos are, of course, the primary attraction - but there is a huge diversity of wildlife in the Sanctuary.

Wechiau is home to over 250 species of birds, making it one of the most diverse and spectacular bird watching destinations on the African continent.  Rise before sunrise and depart into the bush with one of our experienced guides, and be prepared to see (and hear) an amazing array of bird life.  In fact, the birdlife is so diverse that every year, usually one or two previously unrecorded species are sighted. Baboons, bats, hedgehogs, chameleons, pythons all call this sanctuary home.

Visit Sawla View Lodge reception for more information or to schedule an excursion to Wechiau.