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Sawla Children's Home

November 5

Since 2007, Sawla Children’s Home in northern Ghana has cared for over 50 orphans, providing for their basic needs and more. Now fed and healthy, these children are rising to the top of their classes in school and are showing great promise for the future. Each child is now loved and part of an amazing family that is impacting the surrounding villages and communities.

Sawla Children's Home is quickly becoming a sustainable model for responsible child development in Northern Ghana.

Providing a safe and supportive place to learn, play and experience the love of Jesus Christ, this is the first establishment of its kind in the region. Ages of the children in the home range from 5 to 18 with staff consisting of dorm mothers, cooks, security guards and directors. Many of the children now attend school for the first time in their lives. The home is strategically located within the local village, which provides a center of education and safety for children. NGO partners have dug wells and built pavilions in two nearby villages. These community improvements provide much needed access to clean and safe drinking water and a sheltered environment in which nearby towns can educate their children and hold other social gatherings. Sawla Children’s Home remains sensitive to cultural norms and traditions and takes great care to not overstep their boundaries by “westernizing”.

More information about the Sawla Children’s Home can be found on their website at .